Wickfire Aims to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment


With e-commerce, it has never been easier to shop for any good you want from anywhere around the world. However, retailers who want to maximize their sales online will have to address one major problem that affects everyone in the online shopping space: shopping cart abandonment.


Have you ever gone online just to browse for stuff that you might want for your home or wardrobe? During your browsing, did you find something that you liked and added it your shopping cart only to decide a minute later that you didn’t want to spend the money? You are not certainly alone. More than two-thirds of online shoppers will put something in their shopping carts only to leave the page without making a purchase.


This is shopping cart abandonment, and one issue that Wickfire works with online merchants on all of the time to reduce its frequency. Although Wickfire started off in affiliate search marketing, it expanded and launched its coupon and deal site, TheCoupon.co, in 2013.  The Coupon.co provides a platform for retailers to offer active discount deals to potential customers. Today, TheCoupon.co, includes offers from more than 4,400 merchants and reaches nearly 200,000 unique visitors monthly.

Why Do People Abandon Their Shopping Carts?


The discount shopping targeting services offered by Wickfire address key reasons why people abandon their online purchases: they are just comparing prices for a future purchase, or they found out that the purchasing price was simply too much or not what was advertised.


These reasons account for a significant percentage of why people abandon their shopping cart, which makes sense. Customers are very savvy, and e-commerce has enabled them to price compare even further. If they know that they can find a better deal somewhere else, they will do just that and stop their purchase.


Wickfire’s discount shopping targeting services often mitigate these issues because they allow merchants to target deal-oriented shoppers and provide them with prices that will motivate them to go through with the sale. Merchants do not need to threaten Wickfire with a lawsuit because its services simply work. Wickfire has helped thousands of merchants improve their conversion rates and increase year-to-year sales.


If you are a merchant who has a problem with shopping cart abandonment and are seeking ways to improve your sales, Wickfire may be able to help you provide your customers with the deals they want to finish the purchase.